May 18, 2015

SmartIO: Contacts Transfer from Old Phone to New One

Fast, Efficient & Reliable Transfer of Contacts:

SmartIO has been developed to ensure fast, efficient and reliable transfer of contacts across all platforms. One of the biggest advantages of SmartIO is the that it allows unlimited data transfer. So it doesn’t matter if you have 5, 500 or 5000 contacts in your Address Book; SmartIO will transfer all of them in a matter of minutes, or even seconds ‒ depending on the size of the data and the signal strength of your connectivity option. As long as your device allows it, SmartIO will transfer it ‒ efficiently and accurately (more of that later).


Contact De-duping

SmartIO effectively handles the duplication of contacts in the receiving device. One of the biggest user peeves is to end up with duplicate contacts in their device’s Address Book. We understand how frustrating it can be for users to scan the Address Books and make sure that they don’t transfer entries that already exist on the receiving device. We also understand the agony of ending up with multiple entries of the same contact, and having to delete them. This is where SmartIO’s intelligent contact handling comes into play. SmartIO automatically scans the two devices’ Address Books to identify any common entries. After scanning the two devices, SmartIO only transfers the unique entries that do not already exist on the receiving device.

Intelligent Mapping of Address Book across Platforms

Another smart aspect of SmartIO is how it handles any variation in Address Book fields of different operating systems. SmartIO performs intelligent cross-platform mapping to identify any differences between the data fields of the two devices/platforms, and makes sure that all supported data fields of a particular contact are accurately transferred and restored on the receiving device’s Address Book.

Seamless Support for Localized Address Book Transfer

We don’t take contact transfer lightly. That is why we are always working to improve the user experience that SmartIO provides. For that reason, SmartIO has been developed to support the transfer of localized Address Books. This means that we provide support for different language characters in Address Book fields, across devices and platforms. At the moment, SmartIO supports seamless transfer of Address Book fields that have been saved in Spanish, Russian, German and of course, English. You no longer need to worry about your Address Book losing part or a chunk of its data, just because it has been localized.

Consistent Cross-Platform User Experience

When we say SmartIO is a cross-platform content transfer solution, we truly mean it. Besides providing support for all major platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry OS, SmartIO also provides a consistent cross-platform user experience. Regardless of platform differences, SmartIO provides a single User Interface, requires the same user input and follows the same procedure for content transfer across all supported platforms. This significantly reduces salesperson or user training period, while increasing its ease-of-use. For more information about SmartIO, send us your queries at For information about SmartIO licensing, contact us at

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