August 21, 2015

How to Transfer Videos from an Android phone to an iPhone/iPad without PC & Cables

Have you just bought a new iPhone and want to transfer all the content from your old device to your new phone? While you will find a lot of apps in the app store that help you do this, you will always have some issues.

  1. The application won’t support transfer of more than a few content types
  2. It will not offer seamless transfer of content types across platforms
  3. It will have a limit on how much content you can transfer across the devices
  4. It will transfer content without addressing the fact that some of the content on your old device is not compatible with your new phone

Unlike such applications, SmartIO is a unique content transfer app that has been architected to ensure that content is effectively transferred, so that it is accessible once transferred. One of the content types that users often have issues transferring across platforms is videos… especially when transferring videos recorded on non-Apple devices to Apple-made devices. The videos are often, unfortunately, not compliant with Apple-made devices.


In order to successfully transfer and access videos that have been recorded on an Android device to an iPhone, you will first need to download SmartIO from the app stores on both devices.

Step - 1. Launch application on both phones.

smartio transfer content

Step - 2. After launching the application, select Android device as Sender, and the iPhone device as Receiver.

smartio content transfer

Step - 3. The receiver phone needs to add email address and password to login while the sender will wait.

Step - 4. The receiver device needs to create a personal hotspot: Copy the password, press settings, turn off Wi-Fi and enable hotspot with the copied password. After receiver has enabled the hotspot, the sender will receive a request to join it.

Step - 5. On Sender, a camera viewfinder will appear. Through this viewfinder, scan the QR code appearing on the Receiver device.

smartio content transfer

Step - 6.On Receiver phone, accept the connection request.

Step - 7.On Sender, select Videos (or any other content type you want to transfer). And select ‘Start Transfer’. The app will automatically check whether the Receiver has enough space for receiving the selected data or not. Once the selection is final, press “Start”.

Step - 8. On Sender, along with the viewing the progress, customer can:
‘Skip’ the transfer of a content-type and ‘Pause’ & ‘Disconnect’ the content transfer.

Step - 9. A pop-up will appear on the receiver device showing transfer complete. When the it is done, a tick mark against each content type selected will also appear.


Considering the videos recorded on your Android device not compliant with the iPhone, you’d be prompted with a notification on the Receiver phone. With this you’d also be given the option to convert them to a compliant format. For that, you need to choose 'Select ‘Convert’ and all your videos will be converted in a compatible format.

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