April 19, 2019

How To Clone Android Apps From Your Phone

It is quite common that Android users find their smartphone memory insufficient, for that reason they use some sources to keep the data stored. Especially when it comes to storing games, it consumes a lot of space in the phone's internal drive. However,  to manage data there are numerous options available other than SD cards which relatively effective.   Let's talk about the options to clone Android apps from your phone here.   USB OTG Flash Drives For extending your smartphone's memory, you can choose USB OTG flash drive. Using it is very simple, just attach it with your phone and transfer your data easily. You can transfer games, apps and other data to the USB OTG flash drives. However, you need to reboot the system UI before inserting the USB OTG cable to other smartphones.   SmartIO Content Transfer unlike OTG drive, SmartIO is very user-friendly content transfer app. You don't need to attach any cable or wire as you can shift all your phone data to the other through QR code connectivity. SmartIO Premium is fast, responsive and secure wireless content transfer app to transfer photos, games, apps, videos and much more content_ it efficiently works for Android & iOS.

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