April 10, 2019

Facebook, Android Q Privacy & Microsoft Office – Major Targets for Cyber Attackers

Over the years, cybercriminals have targeted various platforms to gain access to people's personal data and sensitive information. Continuing that, cyber hackers are still making efforts and have succeeded at some point to breach digital privacy of the users. One report has revealed a quite shocking news that about 200 - 600 million users had saved their passwords in plain text as this data was searchable by Facebook’s own employees. The source further disclosed that about 2000 internal employees of this social networking site have made around 9 million queries to find information that contained the plain text passwords. However, Facebook has clarified that none of its employees used this information to abuse anyone's password or its internal information. Similarly, Android apps have been stopped to access the clipboard data in order to prevent  malicious apps from gaining access to copied clipboard data that include passwords etc. This feature is still available, only if you are actively using the app. On the other side, a report tells that Microsoft has been on the top of the list for cybercriminals recently affecting many of company's products. The attackers victimize the web browsers as well as use Microsoft Office files to send malicious emails to people. However, Microsoft has improved the security of web browsers and emails but still old versions like Internet Explorer are the easy target for cyber attackers.

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