August 7, 2015

BlackBerry Announces BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition

The Silvery Edition of the Passport comes with a 4.5-inch square screen, coupled with a 13 MP camera, and, of course, the latest BlackBerry operating system, not unlike the original Passport. That said, you need to look deeper to know why this BlackBerry isn’t just another BlackBerry smartphone. Users of its previous smartphones have been vocal about their opinions, and it seems like BlackBerry has been paying attention to what they have to say.
We all know that BlackBerry has its fair share of loyalists. If you are one of them, and want to upgrade your device, SmartIO  can be your perfect migrating companion. Not only that, if you are not currently an BlackBerry user, yet find this new device intriguing enough to make the switch, SmartIO can help you do that. As one of the most comprehensive cross-platform content transfer solutions, SmartIO will help you transfer pictures, contacts, videos etcetera to the new device.
There are some subtle, albeit significant changes that have been made to the Passport’s form factor. For one, the handset has a stainless steel body, which means that it is not only strong but durable. The back of the device is textured, and the bottom edges have been rounded off. Subtle changes, but important nevertheless. Sharp, or even slightly hard, corners would jab into the users’ palms during use. So the new device has been design to be more ergonomic and comfortable to use. Oh, and the physical keypad is here to stay.
Considering some of the smart changes made to the smartphone, it is obvious that BlackBerry ticked two boxes, aesthetics and functionality. Priced only slightly higher than the original Passport, the Silver Edition retails at USD549, and has started retail in North America through It will become available in other regions in the coming weeks. And there’s good news for anyone who orders the phone before 19th August. Doing so could make you eligible for free accessories worth USD 130.

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