September 10, 2015

Apple unveils the iPhone 6S, the 6S Plus and the iPad Pro

The iPad Pro Apple’s marketing chief, Phil Schiller, revealed the new 12.9-inch screen iPad, launched with the hope to create some traction for creative professionals as well as the hard-core tablet users. How is it different, you ask? It has a faster, more efficient A9X processor and, perhaps in one of the most controversial moves by Apple yet, comes with an Apple Pencil. Yes, the iPad pro comes with a stylus (of sorts), despite the late Steve Jobs clear dislike for the technology. Jobs was so against it that on multiple occasions he viewed it as an barrier between man and his machine, calling it awkward and unintuitive. According to Schiller, the iPad Pro has been designed primarily for illustrators, designers and editors who need maximum precision. The tablet, which will be available in the US starting November, is expected to have a 10-hour battery life. Prices would start from 799 US dollars. According to Apple’s Chief Executive, Tim Cook, the iPad Pro was a part of the corporate vision of personal computing, which according to Apple is “a simple multi-touch piece of glass that instantly transforms into anything you want it to be”. The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were also announced at the event, and are just around the corner, getting a much better release date… September 25. Pre-order, however, starts from September 12, so they really are just around the corner. One of the most cosmetic additions is the fact that the two would be available in a new colour, rose gold, and will support 3D Touch. The 6S and 6S Plus come with an A9 processor and have a new iSight camera with 12 megapixels, that’ll be able to film 4K videos. They are house a 5-megapixel FaceTime camera, for high quality selfies. Selfies get a makeover, now the screen can as a flash, giving selfies the much-needed oomph, even in places with bad lighting. The 3D Touch is a new pressure sensitive screen, which processes gentle and forceful touches to perform different functions on the phone. It can also be used to preview images on Instagram, read messages etcetera. Apple would be launching an app to help Android users switch to iPhones. We’re not yet sure what content types would be supported but why bother? SmartIO is here for you. And we’re not picky about platforms, either. So if you want to switch to these new iPhones (or any other iPhone for that matter) from your Android phone, Windows Phone or Blackberry, SmartIO will be helping you make a smooth transition. You can get all your old device’s data on the new device. It seems we are inching closer towards differentiating Jobs’ Apple and Cook’s Apple. Unlike Jobs, Cook is more traditional with his vision; he does not believe in an overnight revolution. His Apple is yet to introduce a product that makes people go, “Oh my God, that is awesome. How did they come up with it? How do we use it? This is not like anything we’ve ever seen before”. Under Jobs, Apple’s products defied the status quo; Cook’s Apple simply reimagines the status quo.

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