August 5, 2019

Android to Android – Which Content Types are Supported by My SmartIO?

My SmartIO - Data Transfer App is a free application that lets you conveniently transfer unlimited data from your old smartphone or tablet to a new one. If you want to personalize your new phone with vital documents, pictures, videos, audios, and even apps -  My SmartIO is your seamless one-stop solution.

You might be wondering about what content types does it exactly support? Well! this data transfer app perfectly covers most of the major content types from Android to Android.

Let’s have a complete walk-through of the dynamic supported content types offered by My SmartIO.

Content Types “My SmartIO - Data Transfer App” Works With

This is an extremely fast and smooth data transfer app that clones an extensive list of content types such as:

  • Contacts
  • Pictures
  • Calendars
  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Bookmarks & Memos
  • Files
  • Line & KakaoTalk Backup
  • Whatsapp Chat Backup
  • Applications
  • Settings


Migrate contacts from one android device onto the other, without stressing over winding up with duplicate contacts. Additionally, move contacts in any language; English, Russian, German, Spanish or Chinese - easily.


My SmartIO app is the most ideal switching tool for various android devices. Moving your pictures is a snap now with this ultimate data transfer app.


Transfer your old calendars and schedules in your new android device and stay updated.


Move your favorite videos and save them instantly in the new mobile or tablet with My SmartIO app.

Audio Files / Music

Transfer a wide range of audio files which also incorporate your favorite music playlist. My SmartIO safely moves your audio files to and from an android smartphone or a tablet.

Bookmarks & Memos

Fetch all your important bookmarks and memos in your new android device successfully.


My SmartIO - data transfer app works for all file formats. Move files from one Android device to another in a matter of seconds. No need to worry about file size, because this is an efficient and unlimited transfer app!

Line & KakaoTalk Backup

Get a secure backup as well as restore for your Line and KakaoTalk chats in your new Android device without any inconvenience.

Whatsapp Chat Backup

Before you start using new smartphone, hold on for a while! Migrate your necessary WhatsApp chats effortlessly with My SmartIO app.


Do not go blind about using your new smartphone. Find clone links to your favorite applications in your new mobile device with this data transfer app.


Transfer the settings of your old phone to the new one with zero-hassle.

Final Word

Phone switching can be a daunting errand for most of the switchers yet they want to keep pace with emerging technology everyday. With My SmartIO - Data Transfer App, your data transfer job is made easy between Android devices. Get it now and simultaneously move multiple types of supported data flawlessly from old Android device to the new one. 
Read more about this must-have data transfer app here.

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