March 18, 2019

Transfer WhatsApp Chats from Android to Android Using SmartIO App

WhatsApp needs no introduction, we all know it's a popular cross-platform app that is mainly used to chat with friends, family and acquaintances. It provides us a great facility to share pictures, videos, files and other media from one device to another over the internet. Without keeping a track, we use WhatsApp on a daily basis to interact with each other. With each passing day, we create lots of memories in the form of content based on text messages, audio, images, GIFs, video and other interactive media.

But when you think of switching phones, you obviously want to backup WhatsApp chat and other mobile content immediately. However, transfer of WhatsApp chats based on MBs and GBs is tricky when you don’t have a swift content transfer app. Therefore, we are happy to announce the support of SmartIO for you to transfer WhatsApp Chat Backup smoothly. With its new update, SmartIO becomes the first application on Google Play Store to offer an easy way for its customers to transfer WhatsApp conversations from one Android device to the other without switching it off and swapping out the SD cards.

SmartIO users will be able to completely transfer WhatsApp Chat backup over  the hotspot that is one of its capabilities that no other content transfer solution offers in such a comprehensive way. The information below describes the step by step process of transferring WhatsApp Chat Backup between two Android devices. Before that, we assume that the customers have already installed WhatsApp on their old device and have some existing conversations that needed to be transferred to the new device.

Step 1 - Launch SmartIO on Both Devices

smartio transfer content      

Launch SmartIO on both the Old Device and New Device.

Step 2 - Device Selection

smartio content transfer

Select the sender and receiver device on the SmartIO app.

Step 3 - QR Code Scan

smartio content transfer

Scan the QR code to connect both devices.

Step 4 – WhatsApp Backup

whatsapp transfer

After successful pairing, you need to select ‘WhatsApp Backup’ option on the sender device as well as any other content type you wish to transfer.  Afterwards, you need to allow permission to backup the latest Conversation in WhatsApp settings.

Step 5 – WhatsApp Transfer

Whatsapp chats backup

Once you have a local backup of WhatsApp chats, it can be transferred to the New Device (receiver).

Step 6 – Reinstall Whatsapp

transfer whatsapp

When the WhatsApp transfer is successfully done, the receiver device needs to reinstall the WhatsApp application in order to restore the latest backup. For that, you will uninstall the old Whatsapp if it is already on the phone, otherwise install it from Google Play Store.

Please note that as long as user does not overwrite or remove the WhatsApp Backup transferred by SmartIO, it will always be available for restoration whenever user does a new WhatsApp install.

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