May 22, 2015

Top 3 Things to Do After Buying a New Smartphone

Bought a new smartphone? You must be really excited to use it; seeing how different it is from your previous device and offering so many cool features brings a lot of excitement naturally. However, shifting from an old phone can be a fuss if you don’t follow the right procedure. In order to help you out, we have listed top 3 things that you must be doing after buying a new smartphone.

#1 Download the Right Apps:

How will you enjoy your new phone if you haven’t cloned you favorite apps in it?  Oh but all your desired applications are stored on your old phone? Will you again search those apps on the store and download it?

But it will take a lot of time and hassle to set it all up. So what now? Don’t worry, there is a quick solution that not only transfers all your contacts, messages, call logs etcetera from your old phone, but also identifies all the apps on your old phone, intelligently finds them on app store, and downloads them for you. This way you don’t have to go through the entire ordeal again; you can transfer all that data you need on your new phone. SmartIO is a comprehensive content transfer app that efficiently moves all the content to the new phone seamlessly.

#2 Get the Right Protection:

A brand new smartphone is not much different than anything new that you buy; you want to cherish it, take care of it; keep it looking new for as long as possible.

While we confess, it is not possible keep it looking like it just came out of the box for as long as you use it, there’s not harm in trying to, as they say, “delay the wrinkles”.

Get the screen protector, see if your retailer offers an economical device and data security plan (we can’t help but plug-in the farsighted retailers who offer SmartIO’s Recovery solution). Some device manufacturers offer data warranties for free, all you have to do is register the device online. You could even consider doing that. Whatever you decide, remember that you have to do what’s best for your device and your pocket.

#3 Get the Right Accessories:

Some people may feel that mobile device accessories are just cosmetic additions that only make you spend more money on a device than you should. We beg to differ. We belong to the school of thought that believes that good accessories are those that not only improve the device’s appearance, but also enhance its user experience and functionality.

Accessories like smartphone or tablet cases are not only functional, but also give the device a piece of its user’s identity. Every user can now customize his/her device to look like something that they can identify with. Besides device cases, getting the right sound accessories is another means of improving user experience. Most devices come with pretty standard earphones that simply don’t cut it for music lovers. So long story short, the beauty of accessorizing your smartphone lies in not only making it nice to look at, but also have fun with it.

Just like it, SmartIO wants you to not only enjoy your smartphone experience, but also smoothly migrate to a new device. It is the most complete content transfer app that offers support for up to twelve different content types over Wi-Fi, across all major platforms. It not only transfers apps, contacts, messages and call logs, but also pictures, videos, music, calendars, WhatsApp Chat backup, reminders, MMS and bookmarks.

Thus hope that the list of the top 3 things should be on your to-do list after you bought a new smartphone or tablet.

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