T-Mobile’s 5G Service – Delays for a Little While More

February 28, 2019

Taking a step towards technological advancement in the smartphone industry, T-Mobile was introducing 5G network that has now been delayed for a few months more. "T-Mobile will not launch the 5G service until the second half of 2019" according to company's Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray.

The T-Mobile’s 5G Service has been delayed due to the complexity involved in developing the 5G network incorporating lower-band spectrum. However, T-Mobile has promised to provide better network and coverage in 30 cities once 600 MHz 5G service arrives.

While talking to the press, Ray stressed the need on making compatible smartphone devices that support low-band spectrum and higher frequency that can enhance the overall speed of the network. Furthermore, T-Mobile’s millimeter-wave deployment has just been initiated that may take time.

Following the 5G competition, T-Mobile is aggressively working to stay ahead in the fifth generation of wireless technology; whereas Verizon, AT&T and sprint are already being the potential carriers of 5G service, offering the network at various markets.

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