SmartIO Introduction

March 6, 2015

So you have just got a new smartphone you had been anxiously waiting for. It has all the coolest and newest features that you would love to use. Understandably this is an exciting addition in your life but it will be a while before you will be able to fully personalize it. Chances are that its address book is empty and so are the picture and video galleries. The thought of transferring Contacts, Pictures and Videos from the old phone can be daunting. Can you even do that? How long will it take? How much will it cost? Well, you are in luck.
SmartIO is a powerful WiFi based content transfer solution supporting all the major Smartphone platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. It also supports transferring content from some Basic Phones. All it needs is that the Basic phone supports Java. Similarly, starting from March 2014, it also supports transferring content from iPads and Android based tablets.
You can ask why is SmartIO superior than what is out there in the market? Well unlike the competition, SmartIO supports cross platform transfer. It means that you can, for example, transfer content from Samsung Galaxy S4 to iPhone or Nokia Lumia. SmartIO is also comprehensive in supporting Contacts, Pictures and Videos unlike other solutions which may only support one or the other. Then there are some cloud based solutions which may not always support cross platform transfer. Similarly, cloud based solutions demand consumers to pay yearly subscription fees. With SmartIO your data flows directly from your old phone to the new one. No computer or server is involved in the transfer and it comes at a nominal one time transfer fee.
SmartIO is available on Apple’s App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store and BlackBerry World. You can download the application for free on both of your phones. On the phone which is going to receive the data (usually the new phone), you will have to make an in-app purchase to unlock the functionality. Before you make the purchase, you will be clearly presented with all the supported content types that can be transferred between your old and the new phone. Buying the in-app product will allow you a one-time transfer from old to new phone. If you want to consolidate data from a number of old phones to the new one then you will have to make additional in-app purchases.
SmartIO’s intuitive and clever design makes it extremely easy to transfer your Contacts, Pictures and Videos. How would you do that? Let’s go over this step by step.
Step 1: Connect the two phones to the same WiFi network. Install SmartIO from the corresponding application store for each phone.
Step 2: On both phones, launch SmartIO application and  select “Local WiFi” on the first screen.
Step 3: On old phone, select “Source” button and on new phone, select “Target” button.
Step 4: On new phone, select “Skip Login” button. In the resulting screen, verify that the supported content type matches with your needs. Once satisfied, then press “Buy” button to make the in app purchase.
Step 5:  On old phone SmartIO screen, now you will see the new phone information showing up as a list item. Select the new phone from the list and proceed with establishing the connection.
Step 6: On old phone, now select the types of contents you want to transfer and then press “Start Transfer” button.
There you go. That is all you need to do. Clean & simple. No annoying ads, no gimmicks and no guessing games. Pick up all your old phones collecting dust in your drawers and start transferring their data to the new phone. For your convenience, there are also some video tutorials available at . Have fun with your new smartphone  

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