April 30, 2019

SmartIO Enables Fast Transfer of WhatsApp Chats from Android to Android

Transferring WhatsApp chats from Android to Android is slightly complicated as all apps don’t support this functionality. The application and content formats may differ that can make it challenging to migrate WhatsApp messages from Android to Android. However there is a whatsapp transfer app that enables you Backup WhatsApp and makes the transferring of WhatsApp messages easy. Can you guess it?

Yes we are talking about SmartIO Premium that is a cross-platform mobile application_ compatible with all versions of the iOS and Android. Its has intuitive UI and user-friendly design that make the Whatsapp transfer very easy for the users.

SmartIO Premium - Fast WhatsApp Transfer App

By following the step by step guidance, you can successfully migrate WhatsApp Chats from Android to Android in no time. All-new SmartIO Premium brings a bunch of notable features that not only restores your all social apps but makes their transfer smooth. Using this whatsapp transfer app, users can transfer their WhatsApp messages along with photos, videos and call logs from Android to Android effortlessly. Moreover, you can selectively see your data before restoring the preferred files.

The process of restoring WhatsApp chat history from Android to Android is quite stress-free. Here are a few easy steps to transfer WhatsApp messages & Chats from Android to Android.

Step 1 - Launch SmartIO on Both Devices

smartio transfer content

Once you have downloaded SmartIO from Google Play Store, launch it on both Android devices.

Step 2 - Select the Device

smartio content transfer

Choose sender on the device that will be transferring Whatsapp Chats and receiver on the device that will be receiving Whatsapp messages.

Step 3 - Scan QR Code

smartio content transfer

Scan the QR code to connect both sender and receiver devices.

Step 4 – Backup WhatsApp

whatsapp transfer

After successful pairing, you need to select ‘WhatsApp Backup’ option on the sender device along with any other content type you wish to transfer.  Afterwards, you need to allow permission to back up the latest conversation in WhatsApp settings.

Step 5 – WhatsApp Transfer

Whatsapp chats backup

Once you have a local backup of WhatsApp chats, it can be transferred to the new phone.

Step 6 – Reinstall Whatsapp Application

transfer whatsapp

When the WhatsApp transfer is successfully done, the receiver device needs to reinstall the WhatsApp application in order to restore the latest backup. For that, you need to uninstall the old Whatsapp if it was already on the phone, otherwise install the latest version from Google Play Store.

This is how SmartIO brings a great ease for WhatsApp transfer and anyone can effortlessly restore and backup WhatsApp messages to iCloud, Google Drive or phone memory. SmartIO involves easy-to-follow steps for WhatsApp backup and WhatsApp transfer. There are no complicated patterns in this process that gives you a hassle-free experience of data surfing and exporting to any device. The users can try several ways to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to Android. But, when it comes to the faster, responsive and an instant whatsapp transfer app to restore WhatsApp messages seamlessly, then SmartIO Premium is undoubtedly the perfect Android file transfer solution one must go for.

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