April 5, 2019

Samsung Note 10 Can be Released in August, 2019

  The upcoming Note 10 will be a foldable version or not_ it is not confirmed yet. But what we know so far is that the upcoming Samsung Note 10 will be sent to the production in the very start of August to make it available for sale in September.   However, the date may vary depending on the geographical region. The significant features of Samsung Note 10 include S-pen exterior, 1arge display and advanced functionality. The launch of Note is a very important event for Samsung as it is predicted that Apple will also be releasing iPhone 11 in August.   Here it is an interesting thing to note that Samsung changed the release date of Note four years ago just to go ahead Apple's iPhone launch, thus rescheduled Samsung Note 10 release date_ that is now very near to Apple's event. Want to switch to Samsung Note 10 this year? Great! Don’t bother about moving all your data to the new phone. SmartIO Premium will help you get the most out of your new device_ it efficiently works for Android & iOS.

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