March 22, 2019

New iPad mini 2019 has been Released

Image Courtesy: Apple Official

In the latest press release, Apple has just announced the launch of its two advanced iPads including iPad mini 2019 and iPad Air. The new iPad mini 2019 belongs to the 5th generation of Apple’s versatile tiny tablets range.

It has been packed with a powerful A12 processor and Pencil support that allows you to easily write down notes, fill out forms and sign documents. In addition, new mini has been equipped with a 8MP rear camera, however the front selfie camera has been upgraded in resolution to a 7MP FaceTime HD.

Apart from that, 2019 iPad mini comes with iCloud so you can keep things like your photos, videos, documents, files, and notes secure and available anytime from any location. The new iPad mini 2019 is available for sale, and you can buy it from mobile phone markets.

So if you are really planning to purchase the new iPad mini, go for it. Don’t bother about transferring your old data, as SmartIO app allows you to easily transfer all of your mobile data to the new iPad mini quickly and safely.

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