June 20, 2019

My SmartIO – A Free Data Transfer App

Our customers spoke and we listened. Starting from June 2019, we are introducing a new product name “My SmartIO”.  This product is a content transfer solution for copying data from one smartphone to another. Currently supported on Android and Apple based smartphones and tablets, this product is a consumer version of our flagship SmartIO Premium product which is targeted to our business customers.

Important Highlights:

1.   My SmartIO is completely free. You do not need a business customer login to use the app. Similarly, you do not need to make any in-app purchase for use as was the case with SmartIO Premium.

2.   While offering it for free, it was important that we do not impose any artificial restriction on our customers unlike some of our competitors who have free offerings but only if your data does not exceed a certain size limit.

3.   Performance wise, there is no difference. Just because our customers get the product for free, does not mean that they will have to sacrifice on performance. You will still get the same efficiency out of My SmartIO as our business customers experience with SmartIO Premium.

4.   The ability to pause content transfer and later resume it is not supported with My SmartIO since this is only meant for business customers who need to initiate the data transfer in retail stores and let their customers finish the transfer at their homes.

5.   We are very mindful of our customers data privacy concerns. Since My SmartIO also uses your smartphone hotspot or Wi-Fi network, the data goes directly from one smartphone to another. Nothing goes out of your private network and no one else gets to see your data.

How it works?

By following the simple steps, you will get your data transferred easily.

Step 1. To start off you need to launch the My SmartIO app on both devices.

Step 2. Select sender on the device that contains the data and select receiver on the device that will receive the data, Now, QR Scan Code will appear.

Step 3. Use sender device viewfinder to scan the code appeared on receiver device.

Step 4. After scanning the code, connection request will appear on the receiver device.

Step 5. On the sender device, type of supported contents will be displayed, select the type of content which you want to transfer and press start.

Step 6. Now the transfer begins, you can track your progress and estimated time on it.  

Step 7. When the transfer is completed, press the close icon. Your data will successfully installed.

(it is important to note that these steps are only for Android to Android data transfer, few steps may very for some other combination)

We believe that this new product launch will resonate with consumers. With so many more exciting features that are in the pipeline for this product, we are hopeful that we will continue serving our customers and meet their needs in future. Please do share your thoughts and comments at: sales@smartioapp.com

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