April 10, 2019

Microsoft Introduces Screen Mirroring Beta That Can Run Android Apps on Your PC

This week, Microsoft has come up with a new phone update related to Windows 10. This update enables the users to see Android apps from their phones on PC having Windows 10 installed on it. With Screen Mirroring Beta, the users can not only see their phone screen on PC but can also play Android apps showing on it. In the past, Microsoft presented this feature only on phone at its Surface event in October. How it Actually Works? When you initiate the app, it mirrors your phone screen right away on the Windows 10 PC. Thus, you can access the list of Android apps already installed on your phone and by tapping you can access them anytime. In order to make this app work better, Microsoft is working on Bluetooth with Low Energy Peripheral mode that will help PC communicate with phone and mirror Android to Windows 10. Moreover, Surface Go is said to be the first Surface machine to support the beta testing. So far, only a limited number of devices will be used for the test that include Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S9, and S9 Plus; the list might be increased in the future. Though screen mirroring seems a smart way to launch mobile apps to PC, it is not sure how successful it will be as Microsoft has just started the testing. But we can hope something amazing out of Microsoft Screen Mirroring Beta that may be supporting maximum devices.  

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