April 4, 2019

Microsoft Initiates Xbox Live Data Syncing for Android and iOS Apps

Following the news from the last month revealing Microsoft’s launch of a new software,  Microsoft finally confirmed it. According to it, a new software development kit will be launched that will sync your Xbox Live data to any compatible iOS or Android app. It will be a cross-platform mobile SDK that will help developers to integrate important features such as Gamerscore, achievements, friend lists and many more.   In addition to that, the new SDK will give option to game or app developers to choose the parts of Xbox Live they wish to add in their application. Surprisingly, all these features will also be available at the customer/user side via a simple sign-in to their Microsoft account.   Currently, Microsoft is using Minecraft as a template for it that has united various communities together for shared gaming experience. Other than that, there are some iOS games with Xbox Live features available as launched by Microsoft Studios itself making its way into the smartphone gaming market. Read more about Xbox Live Data Syncing

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