August 26, 2019

Lost in Your New Phone – “What Data Where”?

This is Where You Get it Once Received From the Old Smartphone Using My SmartIO! Switching phones is a nerve-wracking task without a doubt. After all, you have a collection of most liked content over the span of using that phone, and you do not wish to leave any of your data behind and start afresh in your new phone. 

For this, not only do you have to set up your accounts, but also need all your data to follow you in your new smartphone. Seems it’s quite tricky, right? Here is a key app My SmartIO that bridges the trouble of switching phones.

My SmartIO - Data Transfer App works perfectly well for Android and iOS

My SmartIO is a user-friendly data transfer app that makes the migration a convenient and seamless process. The smooth UI of the app lets you transfer your significant data in one go. This is free, secure and unlimited - your ultimate, one-stop solution to transfer any content types. 

Just hop over your new mobile device and wirelessly move your memories - in the form of pictures, videos, audio files, your vital documents - in Excel, Word, PDF, or any other customized format, your favorite apps and system settings, your address book, contacts, calendars, WhatsApp chat backup and your preferred saved bookmarks and memos → Right from your previous smartphone to the shiny new mobile phone over hotspot or local Wi-Fi network - and that too, without missing a beat. 

How Does it Work?

By going through the entire route within the app, you will be successful to set up your new smartphone in no time. Let’s get started:

Step 1. Start off by launching the My SmartIO app on both devices from their respective stores

Step 2. Select ‘sender’ on the device that contains the data and select ‘receiver’ on the device that will receive the data, Now, a QR Scan Code will appear on the receiver device

Step 3. Use sender device camera viewfinder to scan the code 

Step 4. After that, a connection request will appear on the receiver device

Step 5. Meanwhile, types of supported content will be displayed.Select the type of content which you want to transfer and press ‘start’

Step 6. Transfer will begin.You can track transfer progress and estimated time on it

Step 7. Congratulations, all your chosen data is transferred. Press ‘close’ button

(Please note that these steps are only for Android to Android data transfer, few steps may add on across other platforms).

Here is a complete guide to the app.

Excited for your new phone but couldn’t locate - What Data Where??

Luckily you are all set to leap over your new handset with the desired data in it! Now, one more hassle has come across, “where will I find my stuff in the new device?” An even more awkward question than switching your phone!!

Don’t pay much heed to this as we will lead the way on how and where to access your data in the new phone and use it crazily like before. 

  • All of your contacts that were saved in the old mobile phone are directly transferred over to the respective “Contact Folder” in your new smartphone.
  • My SmartIO offers unlimited transfer of pictures from your previous device to the new one. You can easily grab your pictures from the respective “Pictures/Photos/Gallery Section” in your new smartphone.
  • As for audio files and music; these are also much easier to locate in the “Music Folder” of your new handset. Audios are available to transfer from Android to Android and iOS to Android only.
  • You can be entrusted with our data transfer app for all your videos. Check out “Video Folder” in your new phone to see how My SmartIO has successfully transferred your videos.

You carefully planned schedules are not getting lost anywhere. Calendars from the prior mobile phone can be found in the “Calendars Folder”.

  • Your favorite bookmarks, memos (based on device capability) & reminders (from iOS to iOS only) can also be transferred using My SmartIO found within the “Respective Folders” in the new device. Moreover, if you intend to send other kinds of files & documents, here is you can find them in the new device.
  • With My Smart IO, getting your “WhatsApp Chat Backup, Line Backup & Kakaotalk Backup” is easy-breezy. Backup your data using WhatsApp Backup on your old device and find every chat in your new mobile phone.
  • In the “System Settings Folder”, you can get access to your volume & brightness settings.
  • Applications are not transferred completely. Find the “Links of all your Applications or Games within My SmartIO App” and you can easily install all your applications as per your convenience. 


With My SmartIO, getting the entire copy of your smartphone is a snap. All the content types are directly transferred into the respective folders and additionally, you can also access each content type from the “File Manager” icon on your new phone. Files are also saved with the name of My SmartIO Files in your internal storage. All this wirelessly and without spending a single buck. Enjoy everything up and running on your new mobile phone without a hassle.

~~ Voila! Have a Happy Phone Switching! ~~

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