March 26, 2019

It’s Here: SmartIO Premium Launched with Intuitive UI & Impressive Features

Aomata LLC. takes pride to announce the launch of new SmartIO Premium that is packed with amazing features to provide you a superior experience of content transfer. With intuitive UI and user-friendly interface,  SmartIO Premium has made content transfer between phones easier and faster than ever. With the new SmartIO update:

  • Content Transfer is seamless

  • Quick Pause & Resume functionality

  • Track content progress & estimated time

SmartIO Premium is an efficient solution to transfer pictures, videos, files and other content seamlessly across all devices. All - new SmartIO Premium is not only technologically advanced but easy to get started with. You just need to follow a few steps and you can shift all of your mobile data to the new Android or iPhone device conveniently. If you have just purchased a new smartphone or tablet, use SmartIO Premium to easily clone your old content to the new device. Try now! SmartIO Premium app is live on Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

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