March 27, 2019

Huawei Revealed P30 Pro Details Soon Before its Official Launch

Image Courtesy: Gizmodo International

Soon before the Paris event expected to be held on March 26th, an even page disclosed many significant details of Huawei's P30 Pro. According to the sources, P30 carries a quad camera array including a 40-megapixel sensor and 10X hybrid zoom over a P20 Pro's 5X zoom_making it a perfect photo-centric smartphone. Moreover, it is equipped with dual-view video mode that is just amazing in a way that it will be using two cameras at one time in split screen resulting in a more focused a close-up picture.   Much more, this feature is capable of detecting fast moving objects as well as enables switching between scenes when you command it. Whether it can record video in a split screen or not, it is not revealed however!  Other that that, the news of Huawei Watch GT Active edition is also leaked that says it will be available free to those who will purchase P30 Pro. Here it is to be noted that it looks like a sporty model of Huawei's Watch GT_supported by Huawei's own operating system instead of Google's Wear OS. What we know about its market release is that P30 Pro is expected to launch on Tuesday, March 26th in Paris -- whereas nothing is confirmed about its US release yet.  

Worth Buying or Not

Considering its camera specs and picture capturing features, Huawei P30 Pro seems worth buying for selfie freaks. However, if you find it difficult to switch phones just to avoid the hassle of data transfer don’t restrain yourself. Because SmartIO is always there to help you out. It’s sime, it’s easy! In just a few clicks, you can shift your all pictures, videos and files to your new  Huawei P30 Pro successfully. Hence, you can definitely consider buying the new Huawei P30 Pro with SmartIO content transfer solution.

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