How to Utilize Pause and Resume Feature on “SmartIO”

March 6, 2015

Our Telco retail customers as well as end consumers frequently mentioned their frustration while transferring pictures and videos in retail stores or at homes. The biggest concern had always been the amount of time it takes to transfer large files. Once the transfer was started, the user had to stay with the devices till the transfer is finished which could potentially tie up the user for several minutes. This situation was especially undesireable for Retailers because the salesperson would monitor the data transfer in the service room for several minutes without getting a chance to interact with more customers. Among a multitude of innovative and unique features, SmartIO has also addressed this specific customer need. Our engineering team went to the design board and came up with a simple solution to let user pause the content transfer at any time and later resume it at the time and place of their convenience. With this feature, SmartIO customers do not need to stay in the same WiFi or Cellular network. Instead you can pause the transfer in one network and resume it in another. SmartIO also frees up the geographical limitations that a hardware based content transfer solution may pose. Our customers are able to use this software anytime, anywhere as long as they have some network connectivity. Below we will be describing step by step the Pause-Resume functionality of SmartIO App.   Downloading SmartIO from App Store: SmartIO App is available on all major App stores, that includes Apple store, Google Play, Window  and BlackBerry App store. Step -1: Selecting “Data Transfer”   After you laumch the application, you will get the following options  on the first screen

  1. Transfer Data
  2. Data Recovery
  3. Give Feedback

Select “Data Transfer” from the  options on both old and new devices.


Step -2 : Network Selection for Data Transfer

On the next screen you will have two options.
  1. Local Wifi
  2. Internet

Select “Local Wi-Fi” from the options mentioned on both old and new devices.   2   Step 3: Device Type Selection

The next screen will again have two two options:

  1. Sender
  2. Receiver

Please select “Sender” on new device and “Receiver” on old Device


Step -4 : Log-in or in App purchase

Upon selection of Local Wifi  a new screen will appear  with Two options:
  1. Login – For Buisness Users
  2. Skip Login-  for consumers proceed to In-App Purchase. (The promo code is optional)

Step 5 : Device Pairing

Once you have successfully logged on “New Device” or have made In-App purchase, the next step is device pairing. By now, the name of the new device will start showing up in the list of ‘Available Devices’ on the old device. Proceed with the following steps:
  1. On Old Device screen, select the name of the New Device
  2. On New Device, accept the connection request

This will result in successful pairing.


Step 6: Selecting Content Type:

After successful pairing, the next screen will appear  on the old device with content selection options, please select the content which is to be transferred to New Device, and then Press” Transfer Data”.   6  

Step 7: Content Sharing Initialization

Once Content type is selected and data transfer is initiated, a new screen will appear displaying status of content transfer.   7  

Step 8: Utilizing Pause  option in Content sharing


During content sharing you can easily pause and resume the process. If you are looking to Pause the content sharing Press “Pause” on Old Device and Content sharing will be paused on both devices.


Step 9 : Utilizing Resume option in Content sharing

When you  have utilized the pause option  successfully.You can easily resume content sharing by pressing resume button on “Old Device” and content sharing will automatically start until  all the selected  content is transferred to the “New device”.


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