March 18, 2019

How to Use Pause and Resume Feature of SmartIO

In the past, Telcos, retail and end customers have shown concern regarding the amount of time it took to transfer large files; as it was frustrating to clone pictures and videos in a bulk amount while you are sitting in a retail store or at home. The user had to stay with the devices till the transfer is finished that could potentially tie him up for several minutes or even hours. This situation was chiefly undesirable for the mobile phone retailers because the salesperson would monitor the data transfer in the service room for several minutes without getting a chance to interact with more customers. Among a multitude of innovative and unique features, SmartIO has also addressed this specific customer need.

Our engineering team went to the design board and came up with a simple solution to let user pause the content transfer at any time and later resume it at the time and place of their convenience. With this feature, SmartIO customers do not need to stay in the same WiFi or Cellular network. Instead you can pause the transfer in one network and resume it in another. SmartIO also frees up the geographical limitations that a hardware based content transfer solution may pose. Our customers are able to use this software anytime, anywhere as long as they have some network connectivity. Below we will be describing step by step the Pause-Resume functionality of SmartIO App. Downloading SmartIO from App Store: SmartIO App is available on all major App stores, that includes Apple store, Google Play, Window and BlackBerry App store.

Step -1: Launch the App on Both Devices

At start, you need to install and launch SmartIO on both phones.

smartio transfer content

Step -2 : Device Selection

Then choose sender and receiver phone on app.

smartio content transfer

Step -3 : QR Scan

Afterwards, scan the QR code to connect both devices.

smartio content transfer

Step 4: Select Content Type

After successful pairing, you need to select the content type from the list of Contacts, Pictures and Videos etc you want to transfer.

content selection

Step 5: Content Sharing Initialization

content transfer start

Once Content type is selected and data transfer is initiated, a new screen will appear displaying status of content transfer.

Step 6: Utilizing Pause Option in Content Sharing

content pause & resume funtion

During content transfer, you can easily pause and resume the process. If you are looking to Pause the content sharing Press “Pause” on sender device and content sharing will be paused on both devices.

Step 7 : Utilizing Resume Option

content transfer

When you have utilized the pause option successfully.You can easily resume content sharing by pressing resume button on “Old Device” and it will automatically start until all the selected content is transferred to the “New device”.

Step 8 : Factory Reset the Device


Once the content transfer is done, SmartIO asks to factory reset the sender device, whereas on the receiver device there is an option  of Whatsappchatbackup.

So this is how it goes! It's very simple to "Pause" and "Resume" content transferring with SmartIO.

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