How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat Backup from Android Phone to Other Android Phone using SmartIO App

March 6, 2015

We are happy to announce the support of transferring WhatsApp Chat Backup using SmartIO. With this update, SmartIO becomes the first application on Google Play Store to offer an easy way for its customers to transfer WhatsApp conversations from one Android device to the other without having to shut down the device and swap out the SD cards. Now our SmartIO user will also be able to completely transfer WhatsApp Chat backup over Wi-Fi or Cellular connection. This is one of a kind capability that no other content transfer solution offers. The information below describes the step by step process of transferring WhatsApp Chat Backup between two Android devices over Wi-Fi. We assume that our customers have already installed WhatsApp on their Old Device (Source) and have some existing conversations that needed to be transferred to the New Device (Target).

Step 1 - Take Local backup of WhatsApp on Old Device: 

Launch WhatsApp on Old Device. On the main screen tap the menu button and select “Settings”. The Setting screen will now appear. Among the various options, please select “Backup conversations”.

A new screen will appear showing the backup status. Once the backup is completed, The “Backup Conversation” entry on Chat Setting screen will appear with Backup date and time. Now we have a local backup of WhatsApp that can be transferred to the New Device using SmartIO.
  Step 2 – SmartIO - Dashboard
Launch SmartIO on both the Old Device and New Device and select ‘Transfer Data’ on both. 1  

Step 3 – Network Selection On Network selection screen, select ‘Local Wi-Fi’ on both Old Device and New Device.  

Step 4 – Device Type Selection  On the next screen, please select 'Receiver’ on New Device and ‘Sender’ on Old Device   3  

Step 5 – Log-in or in App purchase  
On the New Device, business users can login with their credentials. Otherwise, press ‘Skip Login’ to proceed to In-App Purchase.  

Step 6 – Device Pairing  
Once user has successfully logged on New Device or have made In-App purchase, the next step is device pairing. By now, the name of the new device will start showing up in the list of ‘Available Devices’ on the Old Device. Proceed with the following steps:

  1. On Old Device screen, select the name of the New Device
  2. On New Device, accept the connection request

This will result in successful pairing.  


Step 7 – Content Type Selection   After successful pairing, the next screen will appear on the old device with content selection options, please select ‘WhatsApp Backup’ option as well as any other content type user wants to transfer. Press ‘Transfer Data’ button.  


Step 7(a): WhatsApp Backup Confirmation Screen:   Once data transfer is initiated, a new screen will appear confirming from the user whether WhatsApp Backup has already been taken or not, If user has already taken the WhatsApp Backup then please select ‘OK’, otherwise press ‘Cancel’ to take new backup. Since in this article, we started off by taking a backup, so we can proceed by selecting ‘OK’  


Step 8 - WhatsApp Backup Restore   Once WhatsApp Backup transfer is complete, the backup file is successfully transferred to the New Device but we still need to restore this backup in WhatsApp. WhatsApp only allows for backup restore at the time of first launch after a fresh installation of WhatsApp. This means that if WhatsApp is already installed on the New Device and user has been using the application on New Device then user will not be able to restore the newly transferred backup without an uninstall and reinstall of WhatsApp application. Please press ‘Restore’ button on the New Device to go to the next step.  


Step 9 - (Scenario 1) WhatsApp Restore Screen (For Users who have not installed WhatsApp on the Target Device before transfer process) User will get a prompt to download and install WhatsApp. Press ‘Install’ button which will take user to Google Play Store to download and install WhatsApp.  


Step 9 – (Scenario 2) WhatsApp Installation Found Screen (For Users who have configured WhatsApp on the Target Device)   In this case, SmartIO has detected that user already has WhatsApp installed on New Device. The WhatsApp Backup file is also setup on New Device so that it can be restored when the user launches WhatsApp. WhatsApp only allows for backup restore to be done after a fresh install of WhatsApp. As such if user has already launched WhatsApp on the New Device then user will have to uninstall it and re-install from Google Play Store. Pressing ‘Uninstall’ will take user to Google Play Store so that user can remove WhatsApp and then re-install it. Once the re-installation is done, user can launch WhatsApp and when prompted, press ‘Restore’ in WhatsApp. If user has not launched the existing version of WhatsApp, then user can press ‘Not Now’. User has the option now to launch WhatsApp and press ‘Restore’ when prompted. Please note that as long as user does not overwrite or remove the WhatsApp Backup transferred by SmartIO, it will always be available for restoration whenever user does a new WhatsApp install.  


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