How to transfer videos recorded on an Android phone to an iPhone/iPad without PC & Cables

August 21, 2015

Have you just bought a new iPhone and want to transfer all the content from your old device to your new phone? While you will find a lot of apps in the app store that help you do this, you will always have some issues.

  1. The application won’t support transfer of more than a few content types
  2. It will not offer seamless transfer of content types across platforms
  3. It will have a limit on how much content you can transfer across the devices
  4. It will transfer content without addressing the fact that some of the content on your old device is not compatible with your new phone

Unlike such applications, SmartIO is a unique content transfer app that has been architected to ensure that content is effectively transferred, so that it is accessible once transferred. One of the content types that users often have issues transferring across platforms is videos… especially when transferring videos recorded on non-Apple devices to Apple-made devices. The videos are often, unfortunately, not compliant with Apple-made devices.

In order to successfully transfer and access videos that have been recorded on an Android device to an iPhone, you will first need to download SmartIO from the app stores on both devices.

  • From the SmartIO Dashboard, select ‘Transfer Data’ on both devices
  • Assuming you’d be using your Wi-Fi connection to transfer the data, select ‘Local Wi-Fi’
  • Then, on the Android device, select Sender, and on the iPhone, select Receiver
  • On the Receiver, you’d be given the option to either try out the app or buy it. The ‘Try It’ option allows you to transfer two items of each transferrable content type. After you make your decision, the Receiver would start displaying its IP address
  • The Sender would then identify the Receiver. Connect the two devices, much like you would when you’re connecting two devices over Bluetooth
  • On the Sender, select Videos (and any other content type you want to transfer). And select ‘Start Transfer’
  • Considering your Android device would contain some videos that were recorded on the device, and are not compliant with the iPhone, you’d be prompted with a notification on the Receiver, notifying you of the transfer of non-compliant items. You’d also be given the option to convert them to a compliant format. Select ‘Convert’.
  • Transfer complete

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