How to transfer Line Chat History/Backup from one Android phone to another Android phone without PC/Cables

September 16, 2015

We, at SmartIO, understand how important your messages are. To help users access their messages on their old and new devices, SmartIO has been transferring SMS, MMS and WhatsApp Chat Backup for a while now. However, we decided to one-up our repertoire of supported content types and offer our users something more… something like your Line messages. So the question is, are you looking for a solution that will help you transfer your Line messages from, let’s say, your Android phone to another Android device? If yes, look no further.
Step 1 – Take backup of the Line chat room you wish to transfer on Old Device: 

Enter the chat room of the conversation you want to save and tap the down arrow button at the top right. Choose Chat Settings. Go to Chat History and choose Backup All. This backup is stored in your device’s internal storage.


Note: Line Messenger requires separate backups for each chat-room. Hence, you will have to individually back up each conversation in Line Messenger, before you are able to successfully transfer all your conversations.

Step 2 – SmartIO – Dashboard

Launch SmartIO on both the devices and select Transfer Data on both.


Step 3 – Network Selection


After confirming that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, select Local Wi-Fi on both devices from the Network selection screen that appears.

Step 4 – Device Type Selection

On the next screen, select Receiver on the new device and Sender on the old device.


Step 5 – Log-in or in App purchase

On the New Device, business users can login with their credentials.  Google Play Store users can choose to either buy the app or Try (it) First. The Try First option allows users to transfer two file types of each content type. For full version, the app must be purchased.

Step 6 – Device Pairing

After successfully logging in, the name of the new device would appear on the list of ‘Available Devices’ appearing on the old device.

  1. On Old Device screen, select the name of the New Device
  2. On New Device, accept the connection request


Step 7 – Content Type Selection


From the next screen on the old device, select Line Backup (and any other content type you wish to transfer). To proceed, press Transfer Data.

Step 7(a): Line Backup Confirmation Screen:

Once data transfer is initiated, the old device would prompt the user to confirm whether Line Backup has already been taken or not. If user has already taken the backup, then they should select OK. If user has not taken a backup yet, select Cancel and apply Step 1.

Step 8 – Line Backup Restore


Once the Line Backup transfer is complete, SmartIO ensures that the backup file is successfully transferred to the new device. However, in order to restore the backup file, you will have to go into the Line Messenger’s chat room settings and restore chat backup from there.

Step 9 – Scenario 1 Line Installation Request Screen (For users who have not yet installed Line on their new device before transfer process)

You will receive a prompt to download and install Line. Press Install, and download the app once redirected to the Play Store.


Step 9 – Scenario 2 Line Installation Found Screen (For users who have configured Line on their new device)

If you have already installed Line on the new device, SmartIO would detect this information. However, as mentioned before, Line only allows backup restoration after a fresh install. Please note that Line Messenger allows backup to be restored only at the time of first launch.

If Line Messenger has already been launched on the device, you will have to Uninstall the app, and re-install it from the Play Store. After re-installment, launch Line and when prompted, select Restore (in Line, not SmartIO).

If you have only downloaded the Line app, but haven’t launched it yet, select Not Now.You now have the option to launch Line and select restore when prompted. Remember, as long as you don’t overwrite or remove the Line Backup transferred by SmartIO, it will always be available for restoration whenever you install Line.

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