March 22, 2019

How to Transfer Content to the iPhone Device

SmartIO Premium. It's is a cross-platform content transfer app that moves all of your mobile data seamlessly to the new device.

Here we'll walk you through the whole process of content transfer with SmartIO from an iPhone to iPhone device.

Step 1: Download & Launch App

Download the SmartIO app from Apple App Store and launch it on both iPhone devices. In order to proceed, you need to agree with the app's certain data privacy policies, press continue to proceed.

Device Type Selection

After launching the application on both devices, choose sender and receiver device. On the receiver device, business customer can login using their username and password. If you don't have login details, you need to press the "Buy" button in order to make in-app purchase for using the app.

Step 3: Scan the QR Code

In order to connect both devices, you need to scan the QR code. On the sender device, app will ask camera permission for QR scan.

Step 4: Create Hotspot Connection

The receiver device needs to create a personal hotspot. In order to do that, copy the password, press settings, turn off Wi-Fi then enable hotspot with the copied password. Now use the sender device camera viewfinder to scan the QR code appearing on the receiver device. Accept the connect request on receiver device.

Step 5:Select Content Types

Now supported content type will be displayed. Select the type of content that needs to be transferred. For each content type, the app will take your permission. By agreeing you can press start.

Step 6:Transfer Progress

Both devices can see the progress and status of transfer; whereas the sender device can also 'Skip’, “Pause” and Disconnect” the transfer session.

Step 7:Transfer Completion

There you go. That is all you need to do. Clean & simple content transfer! A pop-up will appear on the receiver device showing transfer completion and on the sender phone, a tick mark against each content type selected shows.

Have fun with your new smartphone! Choosing SmartIO is definitely a smart choice. Its unlimited, efficient and fast.

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