June 1, 2019

How To Move Music From iPhone To Android

iPhone users often find it difficult to transfer music to other platform devices because Apple has an entirely different operating system (OS). Being an iPhone user, even if you switch to Android, you won’t wish to lose your favourite songs and music files on old device. But moving or copying audio files from one phone to another has a bit lengthy process.

So what to do?

Be at ease! In this article, we'll talk about the most convenient method to transfer music from iPhone to Android in a few easy steps.

Transfer Music From iPhone to Android Using Third-party Data Transfer App

You will find various methods to transfer music from iPhone to Android including USB Cable, PC/Mac and Google Music Manager etc but the most hassle-free way is data transfer tool. Not only you can transfer music files, but you can migrate pictures, videos, contacts and calendars from your iPhone device to Android with content transfer apps.

Choosing the Right Audio Transfer App

You can send music from iphone to android via audio transfer apps. However there is a range of  audio file sharing apps listed on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Sharing files between Android and iOS can become tricky if you don’t pick the right audio transfer app. For your benefit, we are going to mention the top most audio sharing app that is SmartIO content transfer app.

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Android with SmartIO Premium?

Step - 1 Download the App

First you need to download SmartIO app on both phones from their respective stores Android & iOS.

Step - 2 Launch SmartIO Premium

Once you have downloaded SmartIO Premium on iPhone and Android device, launch it on both phones.

Step - 3 Select the Device

SmartIO asks you to agree to certain terms and conditions to continue. If you agree, you can choose the Sender and the Receiver device. As you are transferring music from iPhone to Android, select iPhone device as Sender while Android device as Receiver.

Step - 4 Allow Camera Permission and System Settings

SmartIO connects Sender and Receiver devices though QR code, for that you need to allow camera permission on both phones. Also, the app will ask to write system settings on receiver for the purpose to transfer/receive music files from one device to the other.

Step - 5 Enable Location on the Receiver Device

Next, you need to enable location on the receiver device to create a successful hotspot connection.  

Step - 6 Hotspot Connection

Once you have turned on location in the settings of the receiver phone, hotspot connection turns on at the receiver phone.

Step - 7 Login on Receiver Device

In order to begin transfer, you need to add login details on the Receiver phone.

Step - 8 QR Scan

Once you have successfully logged in, use the camera viewfinder on the sender device to scan the QR code showing on the receiver phone.

Step - 9 Accept Connection Request

Then grant permission on both phones to connect with each other.

Step - 10 Allow Music and Videos Permission

In order to transfer music from iPhone to other phone, SmartIO asks the user's permission, press “OK” to continue.

Step - 11 Transfer Begins

When you press “Transfer” button, audios from iPhone to Android starts moving. You can also “Pause” and “Resume” the transfer process.

Step - 12 Successful Music Transfer

Within a few seconds, your all audio and music files transfer from iPhone to Android. Much more, SmartIO converts audio files from iPhone to Android in a compatible format so you can enjoy music without any trouble.


So you have seen how moving music from iPhone to Android is quite simple. Just download SmartIO Premium and follow these steps correctly, you can efficiently transfer audio files between devices running on different OS. Not just music, transferring photos, files, apps, documents and contacts etc is time saving process with SmartIO Premium.

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