December 18, 2018

How SmartIO Can Help you with Easy Content Transfer?

transfer solution that moves all the content from the old phone seamlessly. SmartIO is a simple yet comprehensive application that supports 20+ content types and moves photos, videos, SMS, contacts and files a hassle-free way. It is fully compatible with main providers like iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Java/J2ME featured phones. What makes it more reliable is the efficient mobile data transfer switch between phones in a single click. By just scanning the QR code, SmartIO efficiently moves all the content to the new phone within a few minutes. It’s a switch mobile transfer app that is powered by Aomata Connectix™ communication platform and it is meant to help businesses with easy data migration and contact transfer. Packed with lots of amazing features and advanced functionalities, SmartIO is meant to make phone cloning easier. Below are some core functionalities of SmartIO that together make it a brilliant phone transfer solution for mobile retail stores to provide a superior customer experience and generate more revenue streams.

Key Features:

Safe Content Transfer

How can I transfer my data safely? This is the first question that pops into your mind when you think of copying phone’s contents.

But with SmartIO, you don’t need to worry about data privacy. SmartIO is best known for transferring personal data in a secure way. In fact without any data loss, it clones contacts, text, data, files, memos, audios & calendars from one phone to the other.

Contacts & SMS Import

SmartIO is a trusted tool for your contacts and SMS transfer. It helps with smooth iPhone contents import, WhatsApp chat, Line Messenger, & KakaoTalk Messenger chat transfer. SmartIO is the best data manager tool that clones contents like videos & apps from an old mobile to the new mobile effortlessly. You can easily manage your files (PDF, Word, Powerpoint, Apps & Text Files) smartly in mobile phones & tablets. Once you use it, you’ll be glad to say “My data copy and my contacts backup is so easy”. It is one of its kind switch mobile app to copy photos & transfer mobile content in the best way.

Bulk Data Transfer

SmartIO helps you move a large amount of content in just a few minutes. You can clone SMS, MMS, bookmarks, calendars, contacts, memos, pictures, audios and videos in an unlimited amount from your old phone to the new one.

Effective User Control

With its user-centered design, SmartIO allows you to control the content-transfer process. By pausing content transfer in one Wi-Fi network and resuming it on another, it encourages the customers to transfer large amounts of data, without worrying about time or immobility.

Lite Application

SmartIO is a lite backup assistant that takes very less memory on your smartphone and does not run as a background application, hence clones mobiles effortlessly.

Compatibility & Support

SmartIO is a cross platform solution for phone data transfer, and it is perfectly compatible with multiple mobile devices.

Sender/Receiver Android iPhone Windows Blackberry

Furthermore, SmartIO fully supports Android 4.0 to the latest version, iOS, Windows Phone 8.1 and 10, Blackberry and other Java/J2ME featured phones.

Why to Choose SmartIO?

You may be wondering why you should choose SmartIO?

It is because data transfer with SmartIO is very simple, you just need to follow a few easy steps and it shifts every single content from one phone to the other swiftly. Choosing SmartIO for android transfer and iphone data share is definitely a smart choice for many reasons such as:

    • SmartIO allows fast transfer - transfers media files at very high speed
    • Clone as many contents as you want! Just depends on the storage of your device
    • SmartIO allows quick file sharing & phone data transfer in a few clicks
    • This wireless data transfer allows you to convert media files to any format
    • The audio and video quality remains the same after files sharing
    • Takes very less time to enable a successful mobile content transfer
    • SmartIO is fully compatible with all major mobile platforms

Mobile Data Transfer for Businesses

Convenient and comprehensive! SmartIO's data transfer solution is the ultimate tool for telecom companies, mobile repair shops, smartphones/tablets franchises, and local retailers to transfer almost everything. From Contacts to Pictures, Music and Videos to files etc ‒ you can clone an extensive list of 20 content types to and from smartphones and tablets . It’s an ideal app to transfer data to your new phone. Not only one or two files, but you can transfer countless data with SmartIO via Hotspot or local Wi-Fi networks (3G/4G/LTE).

If you want more information about SmartIO, please visit our page. For help, you can contact our team that is available 24/7 for you. With SmartIO, we offer a multiple licence for your business &  dedicated account manager.

In short, SmartIO is an ultra-easy wireless transfer app for easy phone data transfer: Copy Contacts, Pictures, Videos, Calendars, Audios, SMS, MMS, Bookmarks, Call logs, WhatsApp, Line Messenger & KakaoTalk Messenger Chat Backup, Memos, Applications and Files (PDF,Microsoft Word,Microsoft Powerpoint & Text Files) from your old Android smartphone, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Windows to the new phones.

Download today for fast content transfer:

Google Play Store | SmartIO: Content Transfer App

itunes App Store | SmartIO: Content Transfer App

Blackberry World| SmartIO: Content Transfer App

Windows Store| SmartIO: Content Transfer App

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