April 9, 2019

How Progressive Web Apps Can be Installed on an Android Device Having Microsoft Edge

While there are numerous platforms becoming popular in the mobile and PC world, Progressive Web Apps or PWA are the latest form of advanced bowsers till date. If you are not already aware of PWA, it's okay! Let us give you a short overview on it. Basically Progressive Web Apps combine various web pages and apps to create a unique cross-platform mobile experience for the user. You can use such web pages and apps everywhere and anytime as they are re-engageable, fast and safe. These app-like-interactions also enable the users to keep the most favorite and helpful apps on PC or mobile home screen as they are installable.   Here we will tell how to install Progressive Web Apps on an Android phone using Microsoft Edge. 1- At first, make sure that you have got the latest Microsoft Edge on your Android device. If you don't have, you can install it from Google Playstore. 2- Now find the websites that support Progressive Web Apps or PWA principle. 3- Choose the websites that you want to use as a Progressive Web App, then navigate to their address with Microsoft Edge web browser on your phone. 4- Now tap on the menu button shown with three horizontal dots on the bottom right corner of the website. 5- Then choose add to home screen from the menu pop up that you see. When you do this, it will add an icon for the Progressive Web App on your dock. You can tap it anytime to  launch the Progressive Web App in fully functional form.   Moreover, if you set Microsoft Edge as your default browser on phone, it will launch automatically. In the other case it will be launched on other browsers.   Switched to the new phone lately? Great! Don’t bother about moving all your data to the new phone. SmartIO Premium will get you the superior content transfer experience on your new device_ efficiently works for Android & iOS.  

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