June 21, 2019

How My SmartIO is different from SmartIO Premium.

At Aomata, it is our priority to provide a simple, reliable and efficient data transfer solution to our customers. Although SmartIO Premium has been effectively addressing the needs of our business customers for the last several years, the general consumers want an efficient and reliable content transfer solution that allows unlimited data transfer and is free of cost. With this insight, our product team spent the last several months to develop “My SmartIO” that is primarily targeted to consumers. Below are some of the key differences between the SmartIO Premium and My SmartIO offerings.

  1. Target Audience:
    SmartIO Premium was primarily designed for telecom operators and retail store owners. Still we were able to get significant traction with general consumers who needed content transfer service for one off use. General consumers need a simpler interface that is easy to understand and work with.
  2. Pause & Resume functionality:
    Our business customers had some specific use cases to support Pause & Resume functionality. The same does not apply to general consumers. As such, we do not support Pause & Resume functionality in My SmartIO.
  3. Paid vs. Free:
    Unlike SmartIO Premium, consumers using My SmartIO will be able to transfer all the various content types for free  You do not need a business customer login or in-app purchase to use the app.
  4. Data Privacy:
    My SmartIO and SmartIO Premium apps provide the same level of privacy measures while dealing with customer’s data. The data flows from one device to the other without any involvement of third-party servers.
  5. Display of Ads:
    Since My SmartIO is a free offering, we render some ads to offset the development costs. That being said, no customer information is shared with the ad networks to ensure complete data privacy.

With My SmartIO, we have tried to strike a balance between ease of use and rich set of functionality. We believe that My SmartIO will serve our customers well and are looking forward to enhance our offering in the days to come.

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