April 10, 2019

How DARQ Technologies are Reshaping the Future of Businesses

New technologies are gradually transforming the experience we interact with customers and it is of no surprise that digital evolution has already taken many industries by storm. Digital technologies depict it very clearly what customers want really and what efforts we can make to make them happy. However, we need to look at the bigger picture and focus on what is trending in the technology world and how it can affect digital business practices.   Talking about DARQ technologies, it includes distributed ledger technology (D), artificial intelligence (A), extended reality (R) and quantum computing (Q). Presently 89 percent businesses are integrating at least one of the DARQ technologies_as per the Accenture 2019 Technology Vision survey. Distributed Ledger Technology is all about cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions to track customers data and control their transactions. Moving on, Artificial Intelligence can help businesses process bulk data, get insights to organize processes and make statistically intelligent decisions. Extended Reality talks about new experiences and ways we interact with the world; whereas Quantum Computing help researchers solve computational problems and it is quite popular among all DARQ technologies.

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