April 9, 2019

Difference Between Content Transfer and File Sharing Apps

Today sharing files and transferring content between devices is no more demanding job. It’s easy, simple and quick! You will find a range of applications that allow instant file transfer, but first, you need to understand the difference between file sharing and content transfer apps. How these apps help you with mobile data transfer and file sharing? And how you can choose from these apps that best matches to your file transfer needs? In this article, we will discuss a few file sharing and phone transfer apps to give you a good insight for transferring mobile data effectively.

File Sharing Apps

If you want to share your favorite music, video or a movie file to your friend, you can do it effortlessly through a number of file sharing apps. It allows you to share various files types from one device to the other quickly without the need for wires or wi-fi. In the past, file sharing between two mobile devices was a tiring task as Bluetooth technology was slow and was also time-consuming. Moreover, file sharing via USB cables through PC to the other devices was also a grueling method. But now there are numerous apps that enable quick file sharing between the devices. Either you do file transfer via WiFi or create a hotspot connection, you can instantly move files between phones using file-sharing tools. Other than that, you can send multiple files as well as share heavy files from one mobile device to another at one time. For this, you will find many apps on the web that help share files and phone data quickly. But you need to know about the right file sharing app in order to send or receive your data efficiently and most importantly in a safe way.

Here we’ll discuss two popular file sharing apps to help you with easy file transferring between the phones.

Zapya File Sharing:

Zapya is a well-known file sharing app, it is cross-platform and supports multiple languages. With Zapya, you can share files from Android to other platforms including iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone, etc. Without using any wires, you can share the file through Zapya. It allows you to share with up to 5MB/second or up to 120 pictures/minute.



Another interesting feature of Zapya is creating customized QR codes and share files in groups but it is limited to 5 devices only. Another cool Zapya’s feature is MultiPeer connectivity through which you can share files from any location. Apart from that, you can backup and replicate files from your old phone to the new one.

SHAREit File Transfer:

If you ever wanted to share files quickly from one phone to the other, SHAREit is an excellent tool for you. With it, you can send photos, videos, contacts, documents and other files across the devices without using the network. It's a free cross-platform file transfer app to move files anywhere. SHAREit also offers an interesting web share feature that enables sharing files from one Android phone to another over the web.



Content Transfer App

Holding a new phone in your hand feels great! And when you are excited, you just look for a quick way to shift all the data from your old phone to the new. In order to do that, you can use content transfer apps. Conversely, to file sharing apps, the content transfer apps allow you to exchange contents between Android to Android and other devices in a fast way. With mobile transfer apps, you can move limited files and content types across the devices but content transfer apps allow you to shift all content without any data limit to the other phone.

On the play store, a lot of content transfer apps are already present for shifting content and SmartIO is one of these; it gives a great relief to clone all your important data to the new phone. Let’s talk about some amazing features of this highly rated content transfer app.


SmartIO is a Premium content transfer app that lets you move 17+ content types to the new device.  It's a comprehensive phone transfer app that gives you the great facility to clone including Contacts, Pictures, Videos, Calendars & more to and from all major platforms.

SmartIo content transfer

With SmartIO Premium all your cell phone content can be transferred over the hotspot connection without the need for wires, Bluetooth connectivity, or Wi-Fi. Having an elegant design SmartIO is also a perfect data manager tool to transfer contacts, text, data, files, memos, audios & calendars between phone conveniently.


So changing old phone is not a big deal, you can quickly transfer data to your new smartphone, iPhone or other phones. We have listed the top file sharing and content transfer apps for you. Depending upon your need of file sharing or content transfer you can pick the most suitable app. However, if you want to transfer a few files to other device, we suggest using file sharing apps. Opposite to that, if you wish to clone content to your new phone, SmartIO content transfer app is a good choice that lets you send content across multiple devices and supports all major platforms.


Features SmartIO Content Transfer Zapya File Sharing SHAREit File Transfer
Supported Stores Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry Android, iOS Android, iOS
Cross-platform Yes Yes Yes
Selective File Sharing No Yes Yes
Data Limit No No No
Content Types All phone contents Limited Limited
Languages 5 4 10+
App Size (itunes) 41.4 MB 109.9 MB 57.5 MB
Pause & Resume Function Yes Yes No
Ads No Yes Yes
Shows Estimated Time Yes Yes Yes
Group Sharing N/A Yes Yes
Phone Cloning Yes No No
Enterprise Solution Yes No No

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