May 3, 2019

Best Small Smartphones: Which One Should you Choose?

While buying a smartphone, it is not necessary that everyone looks for a large screen size. Many people wish to have a compact smartphone that can easily fit into the pocket and is easy to grip in hand. Though you might think that the price of compact phones are less, it won’t give you the advantages of a phone with the latest specs. Well we’ll just say, hold on a minute.

In the mobile market, there is a plethora of small smartphones that are not only budget-friendly but are packed with amazing technological features that will just surprise you. Here we've rounded up the best small smartphones that you can relaxingly hold one-handed, no matter whether you are lying on the bed, or walking on the street, small smartphone with its fit size will completely put you at ease.

Best Small Phones that you Can Purchase

Google Pixel 3

In contrast to present day smartphones, Pixel 3 relatively lies on smaller side when compared with Pixel 2. What makes it special is its identity of being a Google phone. Yes! If you buy Pixel 3, you can truly enjoy Android because Google directly manages it, sends regular updates and provides extensive support. Much more, Pixel 3 features a larger 5.5-inch OLED screen having reduced bezels and provides a bright display Snapdragon 845 that make it a worth-buying small phone from all aspects.

iPhone 8

Among Apple's well liked smartphones, iPhone 8 holds a significant space. Having a 4.7-inch screen, iPhone 8 falls under the small phones segment, though it's not as small as the iPhone SE, it's very simple to use and compact to handle. But if size may not be the only reason for you to buy iPhone 8, know that inside it gets Apple’s True Tone technology that enables the user to adjust the screen color depending on the lighting in the room. Moreover, iPhone 8 is packed with Apple’s strong A11 Bionic processor, and 12-megapixel single-lens camera that is surely enough to convince you purchase it.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

While Samsung Galaxy S10e is slightly larger than the above phones, it's still noteworthy to be included in the list of smallest smartphones. Unlike traditional small phones, it is a bit large but the cheapest one in S10 range that you can easily afford. With a 5.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED display and a sharp Full HD+ resolution, Galaxy S10 stands out in the list of smallest smartphones. As far as the storage is concerned, Samsung Galaxy S10e offers plenty of 128GB storage that you can extend to 256GB. Much more, it is offered with the same wireless power-sharing, 3,100mAh battery and headphone jack.

Round up

If you have planned to buy a smartphone of small size, all three above options are good to choose from. However, iPhone 8 is pretty capable one in terms of dimensions, and technological features. Other than that, you don’t need to bother about transferring content between phones as it’s quite simple with SmartIO Premium content transfer app that is cross-platform and perfectly works for Android & iOS. SmartIO Premium lets you clone everything from photos, files, videos to contacts and calendars in the most hassle-free way.

So enjoy your new smartphone!

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