April 3, 2019

Are EU’s Copyright Regulations Really a Business Risk?

  If we bring two most important parts of the passed legislation here, the one is quite relevant to this_ as it says all large online platforms are obliged to copyright infringements that users will choose. It includes big names Including Google's parent Alphabet YouTube. Whereas the second part is about ancillary copyright that enables press publishers for charging Google when it reproduces snippets of text in.   Apart from that, the earliest recommendation of these laws have also stated about installing upload filters for online platforms; this way copyright-infringing content can be controlled before getting live on the web. However, the final draft doesn't mention it clearly but all in all, it stresses the need to bring online platforms under legal liabilities, although YouTube is already using a system called Content ID that ensure users only upload unique content and refrain from adding copyrighted videos in its database.   Still the final word has yet to come from EU where Google will justify its major actions for detecting copyrighted content. However, the new law is expected to be announced in 2021 that may be a risk Google's business in the long term. Upon this whole situation, Steffen Holly, head of media management and delivery at Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute says there will be a lot of content and media waiting for getting accepted because media services providers and commercial businesses will be protecting themselves from heavy fines from actual owners of content. Read more about EU Copyright Reforms.

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