April 1, 2019

Apple’s March Event: Important Announcements you Might Have Missed

Earlier this month, Apple held a special event at Apple Park in Cupertino, California. The purpose of this event was to make some important announcements of its new products and softwares to the customers as well as marketers. Taking into account this event, it is obvious that Apple not only intends to shift its focus to the new business segments but wants to create other ways of revenue in its basket of products.

Here’s the list of updates from the event.


Apple Card

With Apple Card, the company plans to enter into the banking sector to make online payments and shopping easy for its customers. Using iPhone, the customer can apply for Apple Card that is stored digitally on the Wallet app. The Apple Card is supported by Goldman Sachs and Mastercard and is very simple to use with no fee, and even interest rate is low. Hopefully, the Apple Card will be available this year in summer.


Apple Arcade

With its gaming subscription, Apple will give access to more than 100 games to its users that are exclusive to iOS only. Moreover, you can avail this gaming service over other devices like the iPad, Apple TV, and Mac computer.


Apple News Plus

Apple has also decided to enter in the news and media industry with Apple News Plus. Here Apple has announced to launch its magazine that will be available at the rate of $9.99 monthly subscription. Initially, the targeted regions include Canada and the US in which  subscribers can access up to 300 magazines.


Apple TV Channel

Following the Apple news, the company is now venturing into the media industry with Apple TV Channel just like CBS, Tastemade, HBO, PBS, and Acorn TV. For this, users will be given the choice to choose their desired channel and subscribe to it by paying only for it. In addition to that, there’s also a rumour of a Plus package for original programming though Apple has not revealed much details about it.

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