April 15, 2019

Apple Users Should Beware of iTunes Gift Card Scam

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) has lately warned locals about the quickly spreading scam related to Apple iTunes gift cards, as many people have already become a victim of it. Reportedly, the scam is carried through a call in which the caller asks you to make an urgent payment for items that include taxes, bail money, hospital bills or other utility bills. Acting on it, if the victim places money on iTunes gift cards and share his/her cards’ codes with the scammer, he immediately loses.   For making you do this, the fraudster may use special tactics to scare you for putting money on Apple iTunes gift card or Apple Store Gift Card. In order to control this, Apple has shared its company number 800-275-2273 where you can confirm in a case you receive such a call. Read more about iTunes Gift Card Scam

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