August 23, 2019

Android to Android: How to Move Videos from your Old Phone to the Latest Phone?

Like photos, most of the videos in our phone are shot in the moment that are precious and special. These videos are preserved in the memory of our handsets. But what if need to change our phone? That’s where we look out for some easier and safe ways to transfer our memories.

Videos can be generally categorized into two main types: first one are personal videos depicting daily life memories, and second are videos related to education, infotainment, news, etc. We are likely to save various types of videos in our smartphones. That is the prime reason we might think phone switching to be a tiring task. 

According to the statistics reported by “Statista”, the United States populated with 175.4 million video viewers in the current year. So, we can still anticipate the ever-increasing demand to watch, download, save or transfer videos from one phone to another. but it becomes problematic when you wish to transfer all videos in your new mobile device. There are a bevy of data transfer apps available in the apps market but, My SmartIO - Data Transfer App is the handy option.  

Let us walk you through What My SmartIO is and how it helps you move your important videos.

What is My SmartIO?

My SmartIO - Data Transfer App provides sufficient security to your videos during the migration process. It is a reliable platform to transfer data available in any size on your mobile phone. Apart from videos, it also moves your photos, audios, files, apps, settings and more from one device to another. 

Key Features of My SmartIO - Data Transfer App

  • Through wireless connectivity, you can conveniently migrate your significant data
  • End-to-end connectivity is a significant feature offered by My SmartIO. It simply moves your data from one mobile to another and you don't need to rely on any cloud storage facility to move your data
  • Being cost-free, this app performs all its functions for completely free and does not charge for any feature
  • My SmartIO equally supports iOS & Android devices and enables you to smoothly transfer your data to & from these platforms
  • This app supports five different languages

Procedure to Transfer Videos

  1. Download My SmartIO - Data Transfer App from respective stores

2. From the main UI, Launch the app on both devices

3. Select the Sender & the Receiver devices

4. Now Choose Network whether you want to connect through WiFi or hotspot. It is important to select the same network for both devices

5. Connect both mobile devices using QR Scan Code.

6. Select the Type of Contents & Press Start. Meanwhile you can also track the estimated time & progress of your data

7. After completion of the process, Press Close

Wrapping Up

As we have more closely looked upon all vital features offered by My SmartIO - Data Transfer App, we truly appreciate your feedback & suggestions. Enjoy your new phone with all your important data in it & drop us a note in case of any queries at

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