July 24, 2019

A Free Data Transfer App that Might Save Your Time & Money

Apart from being the cause of stress, switching phones can be time-taking too. There are multiple factors that should be analyzed before buying a new smartphone such as your requirements, needs and budget. 

Now, you are all set to ditch your old phone with excitement. Meanwhile, you are also afraid to lose any important data such as your pictures, contacts, audios, videos, files, documents, and favorite apps. You are absolutely in need of a safe, convenient & seamless data transfer app that lets you up and running with your new smartphone effortlessly. 

As far as these apps are considered, take our word and don’t just randomly squander your time and money. Go ahead, choose My SmartIO: Data Transfer App and move unlimited data from your old phone to the new one in a couple of minutes.  

My SmartIO: Data Transfer App

My SmartIO: Data Transfer App is an absolutely free, secure and near-perfect content transfer solution for all your data migration needs. It makes switching the phone quite an easy process. It lets you transfer almost any type of data - everything straight from your old android, iOS phones or across any other major platforms / devices. 

With a smooth and user-friendly interface, it helps the individuals move and manage their significant data at one place. 

My SmartIO: Data Transfer App enables you to rapidly and wirelessly move any content types from your old device to the new one. The supported content types are calendar, contacts, audio / music, videos, pictures, apps, documents and what not! 

The app is reliable enough to get the connectivity with ease either over a local Wi-Fi network or via hotspot connection. Additionally, it generates QR codes which ensure safe accessibility and migration of your sensitive data from your old phone to the new one. For those worried about security issues, the app does not backup or restore your data on any cloud storage. 

The data transfer app provides support in five multiple languages such as English, German, Spanish, Chinese & Russian and more to come! (that too for FREE).

How does it work? 

Start off by launching the app on both devices. Run the app, follow guidelines and connect both devices either through local WiFi network or hotspot. Begin with the type of content you wish to transfer. 

Volia, here is your new phone with all your oldie but goodie content. Cheer up NOW!

Read more about this must-have data transfer app here.

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