August 20, 2019

3 Quick Ways to Migrate Contacts from Android to iPhone

Are you a loyal android user and you have had it for quite a long time now? So you think, you are used to your android OS? Yes!! On the other hand, you are also fascinated by the latest ramping up of iOS devices. You would like to give them a shot too.  No worries, we won’t judge you for this. But, we do believe that swapping a mobile device is one thing and switching a platform is entirely another. It is exactly like taking a leap of faith and traverse to the other side. It can be daunting as you have to adjust according to the new operating system. But, there is no harm to try it once.

Now that you have made up your mind to switch from Android to iPhone, you are hesitant due to one reason… the content on your old Android phone. There are lots of contacts you have saved over the last several years, pictures and memories of your good ol’ days, files and documents - some significant and some not at all significant. As a matter of fact, you don’t want to lose any of your Android phone’s data. 

What's more, you certainly don’t want to go through the hassle of moving boatloads of contacts and other data from the old to the new mobile phone. In this blog, we will discuss the various best methods for transferring contacts between the two platforms, and which one we believe is the most seamless way. So if you are searching for answers on how to have a smooth transition from an Android phone to the iOS-running iPhone, let’s get started.

1. Moving Contacts Manually using a VCF File

Transferring contacts manually may seem to be somewhat infrequent these days as it is complicated and time-consuming. Yet there are people who wish to choose manual method of moving contacts from Android device to iOS; perhaps, due to the fact that they can control and manage their content on their own. For this, you need to make a VCF file, transfer it onto your shiny iPhone and access all your contacts data. Let us walk you through the process.

  • Open your Android device and head to the Contacts application. 
  • Hit the three dots button and select Import/Export > Export to Storage
  • Now, a VCF file will be created and saved on your Android phone
  • Simply email this file to your synced email address of iPhone device
  • Open the file and the iOS device will provoke you to Add all contacts
  • Follow the easy steps and voila!! All your contacts have been moved to iPhone!

2. Moving Contacts using a Google Sync Option

There are two scenarios now. One is if you have already synced your Android phone with Google account, then it is admirably easy to grab all your contacts in your iPhone. Simply enter your account information and all your contacts will be automatically imported from your Google account. No hassle of manual uploading. 

However, if you haven't synced your old Android device with a Google account, head to the Settings menu and discover > Accounts or Accounts and Sync button > add Google account information and enable synchronization. Now, it will synchronize all of your contacts along with Calendar, Chrome, and Gmail. Done? 

That’s the climax of the story. Now, hop over to your new iOS device for the end of the story.

Set up your Google account on your iPhone. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Google. Add your login and password information and your iPhone will automatically import the contacts housed within your Google account. 

3. Moving Contacts via Third Party Apps

If you find the above solutions to be time-taking, then using a comprehensive third party app might be the best solution. There are quite prevalent data transfer apps; paid or free, on Google Play Store or Apple App Store to move content between any platforms. Picking up a smart app that not only moves contacts but many other content types such as audios, videos, pictures, calendars, files, and bookmarks etcetra is a smart choice.

Therefore, transferring any type of content through a secure, free and efficient My SmartIO - Data Transfer App is breezy. 

My SmartIO app allows you to move unlimited data and makes switching quite an easy process. You can fetch - everything straight from your old android, iOS phones to any other major platforms / devices. 

Get it for iOS or Android

Process of Migrating the Content

Download the app from respective stores, follow the lead and transfer is extremely easy.

  • To start off, launch the My SmartIO app on both devices
  • Select ‘sender’ and ‘receiver’ devices respectively. Now, QR Scan Code will appear
  • Use sender device viewfinder to scan the code appeared on receiver device
  • Accept the connection request and select the content types you wish to transfer
  • Start to transfer the selected data

Cheer up now with all data in your new iPhone device.

Additional Tip

During the data transfer process, contacts might be duplicated on receiver device. This is also what makes data transfer a fiddly task. We have a solution for this issue in our ap. My SmartIO app identifies the duplicate content on receiver device, removes them and makes the migration process near-perfect. Also, you don’t need to worry about the contacts in your SIM, on your Google account or anywhere in your device - My SmartIO takes the lead here. In fact with our data transfer app, accessing all your contacts in your new device is not a painstaking endeavor anymore!

The Bottom Line

We have tried to identify ways on how to move contacts from android to iPhone, hope this guide is useful to you and you can move the required data effectively in the wake of understanding it. Also, if you have any issues, feel free to get in touch with us at

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